Location catering is one of my bugbears and it can be a real challenge to stay healthy on a shoot. Days are long on set and its often too easy to make bad food choices. We need foods to power our hardworking muscles and creative minds.

On a recent shoot for Chill I asked our caterer Peter McEvoy to do a lighter breakfast option and one of the big hits with the crew were our granola & fruit pots. My 5 year old son loves ‘overnight oats’ and if you are in a rush in the morning especially on prep days they are the perfect grab and go breakfast.

For lunch maybe first load up that plate with veggies, protein and healthy carbs (and maybe just a few chips if they fit). And make sure to check out the salad bar.

Under-eating and not taking proper meal breaks are probably as bad for the body as overeating. As production people, we often put the work before ourselves. I’m keen that we take our lunch break seriously and use this time to refuel, relax and refocus in order to clear the head so we are fighting fit for the afternoon.